The A0 paper size

The A0 paper size is the biggest normalized dimension allowed by the ISO 216 standard. All the interested individuals can, obviously, opt for bigger paper sizes, such as 2A0 or 4A0, but they are not standard ones. 
A sheet labeled as A0 is two times bigger than A1. In its case, the 1 to √2 proportion is maintained. The identical situation can be identified in the case of all the other formats covered by the German DIN norm.

The total surface of A0 is equal to 1 square meter that is - 1000 cm2. The dimensions of the A0 paper are 841 x 1189. The net size (after the removal of unwanted leftovers) is 810 mm by 1180 mm. The overall surface of A0 expressed in pixels is equal to 9933px x 14043px, and in points - 2383,9pt x 3370,3pt.
The basis weight of paper is always provided in grams per m2. In order to specify the weight of the utilized sheets of paper, one has to divide their weight by a proper divisor. In this very case, it is assumed that the initial weight of the A0 sheet of paper is known.


Do you know that?

A0 is 2 times the size A1 (area 0.5 m2)
A0 format is 4 times A2 format (surface area of ​​0.25 m2)
A0 format is 8 times of A3 size (area of ​​0,125 m2)
A0 is 16 times A4 size (area of ​​0.0625 m2)

Suppose that A0 paper weighs 80 grams. To calculate the weight of the sheet A1: 80/2 = 40 grams

wymiar in millimeters:
wymiar a0 w milimetrach Format dimension A0. Width: 841mm Height: 1189mm
wymiar in pixels:
wymiar a0 w pikselach Format dimension A0. Width: 9933px Height: 14043mm

format division A do A0:

wymiary papieru format a0