The A1 paper size

A1 is the second biggest paper size that is additionally normalized by the regulations of the ISO 216 standard. Only one bigger format is available, namely - A0. A1 is two times bigger than an A2-sized sheet of paper and two times smaller than an A0 one. In its case, the 1 to √2 proportion is maintained, just as it is with all the remaining paper sized normalized by the German DIN norm. It means that an A1 sheet can be made by folding a A0 one along its longer side.

The surface of an A1-sized paper is equal to 0.5 square meters that is - 500 cm2. The dimensions of an A1 sheet of paper are equal to 594 x 841. The net size (after the removal of unwanted leftovers) is 589 mm by 835 mm. The overall surface of A1 expressed in pixels is equal to
7016px x 9933px, and in points - to 1683,8pt x 2383,9pt.

Did you know that?

A1 paper size is two times bigger than the A2 one (the surface of 0,25 m2)
A1 paper size is four times bigger than the A3 one (the surface of 0,125 m2)
A1 paper size is eight times bigger than the A4 one (the surface of 0,0625 m2)
The basis weight of paper is always expressed in g/m² and that is why the weight of an A1 sheet of paper can be calculated basing on the weight of A0 (of the size of 1m²). For example, if paper basis weight is 100g / m²  and the size of A1 is a half of A0 one that is - 0,5 m², then the weight of an  A1 sheet of paper is  50 grams (100/2 = 50 grams).

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a1 w milimetrach Dimension A1. Width: 594mm Height: 841mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a1 w pikselach Dimension A1. Width: 7016px Height: 9933mm

format division A do A1:

wymiar papieru format a1