The A2 paper size

A2 is the third biggest paper size. It was formalized when the ISO 216 standard was established – in 1975. The surface of A2 is equal to 0,25 square meters that is 250 cm2. The dimensions of A2 are 420 x 594. The net size is in this case equal to 414 mm by 829 mm. The overall surface of A2 expressed in pixels is equal to 4961px x 7016px, and in points - to 1190,6pt x 1683,8pt.

A2 is the most frequently taken advantage of while printing posters and wall calendars. Printing materials of the said size is strictly connected with the need of utilizing an exceptionally expensive printer or a plotter. If the mass production of materials is needed, offset devices can be used. The basis weight of paper is expressed in grams per square meter. In order to easily and quickly calculate the mass of an A2 sheet of paper, one has to take the A0 one as a reference. Remember that four A2 sheets make a singular A0 sheet of paper. If we have paper the mass of which is 120 grams per square meter, we can effortlessly calculate that an A2 sheet of paper weights exactly 30 grams.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a2 w milimetrach Dimension A2. Width: 420mm Height: 594mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a2 w pikselach Dimension A2. Width: 4961px Height: 7016mm

format division A do A2:

wymiar papieru format a2