The A3 paper size

The A3 format is the second most popular paper size utilized in both every day and professional contexts. It is frequently taken advantage of while creating presentations, charts, and overviews for various companies. It is worth remembering that A3 is exactly the ⅛ of an A0 sheet of paper, the biggest paper size normalized by the ISO 216 standard.

The surface of A3 is equal to 0,125 square meters that is 125 cm2. The dimensions of an A3 sheet of paper are 297 x 420. The total surface of A3 expressed in pixels is 3508px x 4961px, and in points - 841,9pt x 1190,6pt.
The width of A3 is equal to the length of A4, and its length – to the width of A2.
The basis weight of an A3 sheet of paper can be calculated basing on the information that A3 is the ⅛ of a A0 sheet of paper (the size of which is 1 m²). For example, for a sheet of paper of the mass of 80 g / m², the A3 sheet of paper weights 80/8 = 10 grams.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a3 w milimetrach Dimension A3. Width: 297mm Height: 420mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a3 w pikselach Dimension A3. Width: 3508px Height: 4961mm

format division A do A3:

wymiar papieru format a3