The A5 paper size

The discussed paper size is most typically used in promotional leaflets. They are sometimes folded, as the A4 format can be changed into A5 after folding a piece of paper in half. The said paper is normalized by the provisions of the ISO 216 standard, which was adopted in 1975. The case was similar with other formats covered by the German DIN norm. The said paper size is rarely used in home printing. 

The total surface of A5 is 0,031 square meters that is - 31 cm2. The dimensions of the A5 format are 148 x 210. Its surface expressed in pixels (for the resolution of 300px) is 1748px x 2480px, and in points - 419,5pt x 2520pt. In order to calculate the weight of a singular sheet of A5 paper, one has to divide the basis weight of A0 by 32, as a single sheet of A0 paper incorporates 32 A5 ones.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a5 w milimetrach Dimension A5. Width: 148mm Height: 210mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a5 w pikselach Dimension A5. Width: 1748px Height: 2480mm

format division A do A5:

wymiar papieru format a5