The A7 paper size

It is a relatively rarely utilized format the size of which is similar to the one of typical visiting cards. Sometimes, it is taken advantage of while printing memos and ID cards. Just as with all the other formats, it was defined by the German DIN norm.

The total surface of A7 is 0,015 square meters that is - 15 cm2. The dimensions of the A7 format are 74 x 105. While it is expressed in pixels (for the resolution of 300px), it is 874px x 1240px, and in points - 209,8pt x 297,6pt. In order to calculate the weight of a singular sheet of A7 paper, one has to divide the mass of A0 (which always serves as a point of reference) by 128.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a7 w milimetrach Dimension A7. Width: 74mm Height: 105mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a7 w pikselach Dimension A7. Width: 874px Height: 1240px

format division A do A7:

wymiary papieru format a7