The A8 paper size

In some countries, the A8 paper size is preferred for visiting cards printing.
The total surface of A8 is 0,007 square meters that is - 7 cm2. The dimensions of the A8 format are 52 x 74mm. While it is expressed in pixels (for the resolution of 300px), it is 614px x 874px, and in points  - 147,4pt x 209,8pt.

The ratio between A8 and A0, the biggest format normalized by the ISO 216 standard is 256 to 1, which means that a singular A0 sheet of paper consists of 256 A8 ones. The said principle can be applied while calculating the basis weight of a sheet of A8 paper. All it takes is to divide its basis mass expressed in grams per square meter by 256.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar a8 w milimetrach Dimension A8. Width: 52mm Height: 74mm
dimensions in pixels:
wymiar a8 w pikselach Dimension A8. Width: 614px Height: 874px

format division A do A8:

wymiary papieru format a8