The B4 paper size

The dimensions of the B4 format are as follows: 250 mm in height and 353 mm in width. The said dimensions can be also provided in inches. In such a case, the two aforementioned variables will be 9.84″ and 13.90″, respectively. While printing files to be in the B4 size and while setting the quality of print to 300 DPI, their digital size expressed in inches will be 2953 x 4169 px.

dimensions B4 in millimeters:
wymiar b4 w milimetrach Dimension B4. Width: 841mm Height: 1189mm
dimensions B4 in pixels:
wymiar b4 w pikselach Dimension B4. Width: 2953px Height: 4169px

format division B do B4:

wymiar papieru format b4