The C0 paper size

The dimensions of the C0 format are exceptionally characteristic, as its height is equal to 0.91 m (917 mm) and width - to 1.297 m (1297 mm). The size of the discussed sheet of paper may also be provided in inches. In such a case, its total surface will be 51.5″ × 36.1″. If one is willing to print a material in the C0 format, in the 300 DPI quality, it has to be remembered that its digital size will be 10831 x 15319 px. In the further part of this index, one may also familiarize oneself with the dimensions of other C series sheets of paper.

dimensions in millimeters:
wymiar b0 w milimetrach C0 paper dimension. Width: 841mm Height: 1189mm

format division C do C0:

C0 paper dimension.